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Past Dinner/Webinar Programs are available for Purchase to support re-certification.

Re-certification Units (RU):  Certificate is emailed for .2 RU's will be provided to ASQ Members attending the webinar only.  RU's are based on 1/10 of the hours
Cost:  $10.00 each
Upon payment, you will be sent a link to the webinar which is only available for a short time due to WebEx security precautions, you will need to complete the request for an updated to link for access to the webinar.
Please note:  Audio recordings in 2012 and first quarter of 2013 do not have a strong audio as the speakers were not using their wireless USB microphone. 

4/10/18 -- "Comparison of Industrial Screening Experiment Designs"

Lou Johnson

 Every quality professional has faced the problem of screening a long list of experimental variables to determine the key inputs to their process. Statisticians offer three choices for screening; fractional factorial, Plackett-Burman, and definitive screening designs. Each has its own strengths and weakness, best application, power, and run efficiency. How do you choose? This session describes the theoretical application of all three designs and compares their properties. We will then compare their performance when each was executed on the same greenhouse process in a seven-factor experiment to determine how to quickly and cheaply produce the best quality seedlings. Several manufacturing processes will be used to illustrate these designs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of definitive screening, fraction factorial, and Plackett-Burman designs for screening input variables to your process.
  • Determine the trade-offs between run efficiency, power, and confounding for definitive screening, fraction factorial, and Plackett-Burman screening designs.
  • Compare the performance of these three screening designs when executed on the same seven-factor variable space.
  • Apply the concepts of run efficiency, power, and confounding to select the screening experiment design applicable to your process scenario.
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2/6/18 -- "Everything You Need Know About Batteries"

Presenter: Vaishali Hegde

 Co-Presenters: Joe Lombardo & Deepa Natarajamani

Batteries have become an integral part of our daily life. They are used in phones, smoke detectors, wearable trackers, cars etc. The “smart” batteries of today have more features and safety mechanisms than ever before.  Selecting the right battery chemistry with appropriate parameters, ensuring it can be used safely with your device and testing batteries sufficiently before launching a new product is key. This presentation will give an overview of types of batteries, what is a smart battery, communication schemes for smart batteries, battery capacity, shelf life, charge time, usage time, reliability, tips to extend battery life etc. ISO standards applicable to batteries will also be discussed.

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