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The ASQ Pittsburgh LeanSigma Focus Group was started in mid-2005 with the mission of encouraging the ASQ membership and interested companies to use Lean, Six Sigma and other continuous improvement techniques to help grow their businesses; stay foreign competition; improve the quality of the workplace environment; and provide a greater return to the community and stakeholders.

This mission is achieved primarily through monthly dinner and networking programs focused on specific continuous improvement topics, such as 5S, Cellular Manufacturing, and Process Mapping. Group members or outside experts present information on the topics of interest during the program. Additionally, the Group sponsors forums, education and training events, and plant-site visits to foster awareness and implementation.

Traditionally, continuous improvement is related to the ‘process view of work’ and process improvement philosophies and methods developed by Shewart, Deming, and Juran, among others. Six Sigma and Lean are more recent developments, but are built on the same process foundation. Six Sigma is heavily focused on reducing process variation, and Lean works to reduce process cycle time and process waste.

Six Sigma and Lean are usually considered manufacturing process improvement methodologies, however, the LeanSigma Group is interested in sharing and development in the service industry, including banking, health care, and retail. The programs are frequently attended by members from these areas. Group members include a mix of experts, having several or more years experience with continuous improvement, and those with little experience but interest or need in learning more about these topics.

The LeanSigma Group is open to any interested member. There is no cost of membership, although membership in the ASQ Pittsburgh Section benefits the Group and the individual through education, communication and awareness. There is a cover fee for the monthly dinner programs.

Individuals or company groups interested in participating as a member or presenting a topic to the Group should contact the co-chairs: William Copeland or Don Klesser

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