Starting September 28, 2016 certification exams will now be computer-based and administered by ASQ National through a second party, Prometric Testing Centers.  After being approved for ASQ Certification, you can schedule the exam at the nearest Prometric Testing Center.   The following are the current locations within 100 miles of Pittsburgh:

0082: Pittsburgh - Monroeville
4055 Monroeville Blvd
Bldg 1 Suite 135
Monroeville, PA 15146

5354: Morgantown - Riddle Court
MORGANTOWN, WV 26505-2693

1420: Youngstown - Niles

1402: Akron - Stow
STOW, OH 44224-2907

















What Time to Arrive at the Testing Center
On the day of your examination, please arrive a half hour before your scheduled appointment. Candidates who arrive late to an appointment will not be permitted to test.

You will be asked to sign into the testing center and present your identification documents. You may also be asked to provide your examination confirmation.  Your valid and current (non-expired) form of government-issued identification must include:

  • English characters/translation
  • your photograph and
  • your signature

The Testing Center Administrator will ask you to empty your pockets and roll up your sleeves, and will scan you with a metal detecting wand. You will be provided with your locker and key, and will be asked to relocate all personal items to your secure locker. The Testing Center Administrator reserves the right to ask you to relocate any and all personal items in your pockets to your locker. The only items that may remain on your person at all times are your government-issued identification and your locker key. Once your items have been stored, you will be unable to access the locker again until your examination appointment has been completed.

Reschedule/Cancel Policy
If you wish to change your exam date or time, you must do so at least 5 days prior to your appointment using the Reschedule/Cancel option on this website, by contacting Prometric's automated voice response system at 800-369-5949 (in North America) or Prometric's Regional Registration Center (outside North America); the website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a $70 fee for changing an appointment within 29 to 6 days prior to your appointment. No change may be made within 5 days of your appointment without forfeiting the test fee and needing to re-register and repay the test fee.

Scheduling Online
In order to schedule online, you must provide an email address. Prometric will send you an email confirming your appointment.  If you do not have an email address, please call the appropriate Regional Registration Center.

For more information see our Certification Exam FAQ

Certification Exam FAQ


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