Registrar Quality Engineer

Job Title:
Registrar Quality Engineer
Number of Positions Available:
Job Description:
Identify and implement the Registrar management system requirements to be in compliance with industry mandate. Oversee the PRI Registrar auditor on-boarding process to ensure availability of qualified auditors to meet sales requirements for scheduling. Educate staff, auditors, and customers with regard to external and industry technical requirements. Maintain procedures and work instructions for the use of the system. Develop and maintain auditor credentials to perform audits and witness auditors in the field. Provide technical support to the organization as related to activities listed below. * Perform audits to build and maintain Lead Auditor credentials. * Provide periodic technical coordination and support for events such as: annual internal audit, pre-transfer reviews, PRI Registrar Scope Extensions, auditor training, management review, standard changes, development and presentations. * Maintain PRI Registrar operations manual (process, procedures, forms, records) and any coordinate related changes; conduct transfer reviews, conduct periodic auditor field evaluations. * Coordinate, with support from Sr. Program Manager, the PRI Registrar's auditor recruitment, training, and records process, ensuring competency matches skills of contract auditors to needs identified by sales. * Other technical related projects and tasks as assigned.
Skill Requirements:
* Knowledge of quality systems and auditing processes in a manufacturing environment. * Excellent analytical skills for timely and efficient execution of changes caused by revised industry standards as they affect internal and external processes. * Effective leadership, time management, verbal and interpersonal skills. * Excellent computer skills. * Strong skills in application of computer database management and data analysis. * Able to travel at least 30% of the time. * Ability to read/review documents. * Ability to work for long periods oftime at a computer/desk. * Standard office environment. Apply Here: PI97879968
Education Requirements:
* Bachelor's degree in Business or Engineering. * ISO 9000 quality system and auditor experience preferred.
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